Republic Soccer Club is proud to focus on the development of our individual players, and not represent a satellite name. We do not brand ourselves with affiliates, and we do not maximize financial profits for our personal gain. We care about one thing: the soccer education your child receives. We do this by ensuring our coaching standards are met with USSF coaching curriculum's, and provide our coaches with the funding to obtain their USSF coaching licenses. Founder of the club, Robert Bond, and Director of Coaching, Scott Smith, have created a competitive select club promoting the successful soccer and character development towards collegiate preparation. The mission of Republic Soccer Club is to provide an experience that promotes the development of soccer skills, promotes sound athletic character, and promotes a pursuit of excellence towards obtaining college scholarships. Our goal is to educate your child on the correct USSF standards-based approach to playing soccer. We are proud to promote individual soccer skills, coach our players leading up to and during high school, and prepare and network our players into collegiate programs all over the United States. This is our goal. This is our purpose. Together, we can help you achieve your dreams of soccer scholarships into college soccer. Check our Facebook page for photos and more! We hope you make the correct choice. 

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