​The Republic Soccer Club operates in the Lubbock area of West Texas. Founded in 2012 by Robert Bond, Republic S.C. has often always held the potential to do wonderful things for soccer-minded people of Lubbock and the surrounding West Texas area. Robert work diligently to lay the foundation for the club, organizing the various age groups and accommodating their coaching needs. Republic S.C. then started to gain momentum to form what is the most authentic club in the West Texas area. The following year, Robert partnered with Lubbock Christian University, and at-the-time Head Coach, Matt Barnes, was appointed Director of Coaching by the Board in order to ensure the conveyor belt of youth development was in place and qualified coaches were hired to guide Republic Soccer in the right direction. This partnership with Lubbock Christian University then opened the door for the idea of real collegiate participation for the players of Republic S.C, with the goal that once players graduate their club age they have already acquired the soccer knowledge and skill set to perform at the collegiate level. ​

​The club gained remarkable interest because of their partnership with Lubbock Christian University, and the Republic S.C. age groups started to flourish with this excitement of being coached by highly qualified college coaches and volunteering collegiate athletes. One of the biggest moves forward this club took when under the direction of Matt Barnes was the annual All-American ID+ camps that were offered at LCU for aspiring student-athletes, and Republic S.C. players were given great promotions to visiting college coaches because of the bond between the club and LCU. This meant our older players began to register on the radar for collegiate programs not only in Texas but neighboring states, too.

​In the season of 2014, Director of Coaching, Matt Barnes, suddenly left his role as Head Coach of Lubbock Christian University to take up a different college Head Coach position in his home state of California. However, this did not stop the partnership with Lubbock Christian University, as newly appointed Head Coach, Lee Williams, and his Assistant, Scott Smith, looked at the progress of Republic S.C. made by Robert and decided to invest heavily in the conveyor belt of the club to college participation. Lee Williams was then appointed Director of Coaching, and Scott Smith took on two coaching roles for the 2001 & 2000 age groups, guiding them to their most prolific seasons in the Arlington Invitational League. The Lubbock Christian University Head Coach and Assistant worked closely with Robert to ensure the identity of the club was to produce collegiate-level players, and have the Republic S.C. players involved in the college environment as much as possible -- being ball-boys for the college team during their Heartland Conference home games, practicing under the supervision of the college athletes at Lubbock Christian University's home soccer field, and participating in one-on-one skills clinics with the college coaches to ensure they achieve their goals of the status of their role models. 

​In the season of 2015, Lee Williams stepped down as Lubbock Christian University's Head Coach and Republic S.C's Director of Coaching. For Republic S.C., this Fall season was a big milestone in achievements made by the coaches and players of Republic. Founder of the club, Coach Robert Bond, was able to take his 03 boys team to the top two in the Arlington Invitational League, which helped put the Lubbock area on the map for the younger age group. In addition to the high standards being set in the Dallas area, Robert and his team also participated in tournaments in bordering states, producing magnificent semi-final performances and clinching tournaments titles. Furthermore, Coach Scott Smith guided both his 2001 & 2000 boys teams to the top three in the Arlington Invitational League, meaning Republic S.C. is considered a big competitor in the Dallas area. The future of the club is very bright for producing high-standard club players, which leads us into the new direction being taken by the Board and founder, Robert. 

​In the new year of 2016, Republic S.C. discussed how to maintain the tremendous development shown over the past couple of seasons, with creating the identity of being the only club in the West Texas area that is low cost, but high producing. The level of efficiency within the Republic S.C. allows our coaches to operate with all the tools necessary to give our players a very real chance of college recruitment. Founder of the Club, Robert, and the Board of Trustee's then decided that the next step was to appoint Scott Smith Director of Coaching. Scott's first objective was to enhance the identity of the club, by ensuring all teams and coaches were producing training sessions that were in accordance with USSF coaching curriculum. This is to ensure that the club maintains their belief of maximizing individual player progress. He's since looked at involving a club-wide Goalkeeper Coach to ensure youth goalkeepers have their own training, as well as ensuring players remain challenged whether in their own age group or moving up a year. Furthermore, in order to increase the conveyor belt product, Scott and Robert have assessed the need for the grassroots levels by establishing multiple Academy teams who are guided in the correct direction as they reach the age to go full-sided. Moreover, with the past leadership roles only being able to reach out to one gender (male), Scott has also emphasized the drive to correctly guide aspiring female soccer players, with their being two major female collegiate teams in the Lubbock area -- Lubbock Christian University's Women's Soccer, and, of course, the Texas Tech Women's team. Most impressively, Scott has opened the door for recreational coaches to be able to develop their coaching standards, by hosting coaching sessions to guide aspiring coaches through their USSF coaching licenses. Scott has also played a big part in attracting sponsorship in order to help maximize the efficiency of the club and the community of Lubbock.

Founder of Republic S.C., Robert Bond, enjoys talking to prospective players, teams, and coaches. (2014)